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       Koromiko - Spring Bud and Leaf collection

       Willow Leaf hebe


      On the margins of the Abel Tasman and the Kahurangi National parks of New Zealand is the wild habitat of the Koromiko Hebe. Bees feeding on the abundant small white flowers, a delicate whisp of scent is a distinctive vision of this environment, my environment.


      I captured this small flower in this delicate assembledge of Sterling Silver Bud and leaf with a fine copper stamen.



      Sterling Silver

      I use solid Sterling Silver in my designs. No silver or gold plating over bronze. Our products are Silver through and through.



      We stand by our products. If any adjustments needed email us and we will sort it out for you.


      Made in New Zealand

      We enjoy crafting our designs in our workshops in Golden Bay and Nelson , so you are receiving a 100% NZ Made and Designed jewellery object.

      BUY NZ accredited.


      Special Offer

      Get your piece from the Spring Bud & Leaf earrings or necklace collection today and use this coupon at checkout

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