Buy Redmanuka Jewellery Online and we plant a tree

Two more online orders this weekend. Two more Kahikatea trees to organise and plant. Sweet! :)

I have a good selection of trees. Hundreds. Healthy in root trainers and planters,  ready to be liberated into the Kahurangi National Park Forest wilds.  

My tree planting programme is well underway. Starting in late 2016, I am matching online orders with a native podacarp planting. My first planting marked an order by regular patron, Fiona Turner.  I have planted quite a few already, enough that I need to think to remember all the locations. This is not row planting, although this has crossed my mind.

For this project I follow advice. The expert seed raiser at Morgans road nursery, where I source my trees, said, “ walk in the bush until you feel the cool air of the canopy, then plant the Kahikatea. Eco anarchist, treeplanter extraordinaire Dick Nichols, said, “ look for good soil”.

So I follow the expert advice.  Walk into the Kahurangi wilds on my doorstep and aim to achieve both pearls of wisdom.

It is easy, be it is a little random.

My process is simple. I find the right place, canopy and good soil. I dig and loosen the soil. I rake all the surrounding bush litter. Mix it into the soil I am breaking up. Plant the tree. Rake more bush litter to mulch the tree. Gather a ring of rocks to mark the spot. Whisper a Karakia, walk away!

I do mean to geolocate the trees. Make a map online to mark the trees. Right now I am just planting. So much will come into play through the hopefully long life of these plantings, that its marked location is only a part of the record. I will try to set this up though.

So my project has begun and I love it. For every online order, I plant a podocarp Kahikatea or Rimu. There are so many good reasons for this project, and I will over the following weeks discuss more of this in this blog series.

Orders by Tarek and Matt this weekend mean two more Kahikatea populate the Kahurangi, Golden Bay style:) Thanks guys!

So …. Get me planting. Every online order gets a tree planted.

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