Form Gallery | Jewellery NZ | Redmanuka

Form Gallery | Jewellery NZ | Redmanuka

"Form Gallery showcases an extensive range of work by leading New Zealand contemporary object artists."

Form Gallery opened in the early 1990's by present owner Koji and David, at first situated at the enterance to Chancery arcade

I knew the arcade well from my childhood. It was the home of the famed Magic Shop. Generations of Christchurch kids would make there way there to buy all kinds of trickery from stink bombs to disapearing ink to... allsorts. It was always an adventure and you could always find something, even with 10c.

Form Gallery had a magic of its own. It set a very high standard from the start in both its calibre of artists and the whole image of the shop. I was turned away with my work on the first occasion, but it marked a turning point in my career when they agreed to represent me in 1997. The Gallery moved to the newly built Christchurch Art Gallery and operated very successfully until the Christchurch earthquake which changed the future for so many businesses in the garden city.

Koji and his team operated from his home for a couple of years before moving into a great space in the new ChCh arts precinct of Sydenham. They continue to represent a wide range of the countries leading craft artists and their monthly exhibition schedule which showcases so much exciting new work is an impressive feature of the Christchurch arts scene.

Tuesday - Sunday 10am- 5pm. Ph; 03-377-1211