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Founders Park nelson Kowhai Jewellery Workshop, Work by Jewellery nz designer Martyn Milligan

 Nelson Jewellery, Rinopai @ Founders Park

Our Nelson Jewellery  shop studio and workshop is in the grounds of  Founders Park . The Nelson workshop is managed by fellow jewellery artist Liz Kendrick. The gallery features paintings by Frith Wilkinson, installation work by Liz Kendrick, as well as a range of jewellery by Martyn Milligan.

Opening hours : Winter 2015  Tues 1-5pm , Thurs 10 - 5 pm , Fri 10 - 5 pm , Sat 2-30 - 5pm.


Founders Park is a historical village recreated amongst well kept gardens featuring a number of interesting historical displays, creative artists and artisans, and Founders own brewery and café.

A must see is the collection of ships in bottles. primarily the work of one Nelson Shipbuilder, the collection is intriguing and oddly compelling.

Founders Park is the site of many of Nelson's main festivals. It is the home of Marchfest as well as Growables, Evolve, Waitangi Food fair and others.

The park is open seven days 10 am - 5 pm

Founders Park, Nelson | NZ Jewellery | Redmanuka, Our Jewellery  Studio Workshop in Nelson is open by appointment. Work for sale in the Windmill.

Ph: 0273562417