Nelson nz Jewellery Studio | Founders Park | Redmanuka

Nelson nz Jewellery Studio | Founders Park | Redmanuka

Nelson nz Jewellery Studio | Founders Park | Redmanuka

Rinopai @ Founders Park

We have a studio and workshop in the grounds of Nelson's Founders Park. The workshop is managed by fellow jewellery artist Liz Kendrick. The gallery features paintings by Frith Wilkinson, installation work by Liz Kendrick, as well as a range of jewellery by Martyn Milligan.

Opening hours :

Winter 2016:

 Tues 1-5pm , Thurs 10 - 5 pm , Fri 10 - 5 pm , Sat 2-30 - 5pm.

 Founders Park is an interesting place to visit place.  It is easily identified by its large  windmill. This fully rotating windmill is an expert recreation of the original which stood at Millers Acre in central Nelson.  Founders Park features interesting historical displays, a functioning railway, creative artists and artisans including our own Rinopai Workshop.

Founders Park is the home of Founders brewery and café. The history of the Duncan Family and beer brewing in Nelson is a long and interesting tale. The brewery is still owned and operated by the decedents of the original brewing family and keeps many of the old recipes alive as well as a new range of expert craft beers. Well worth a stop and a sample.

My favorite part of the park is the immense collection of model ships in bottles by Nelson ship and model ship builder Harry Ricketts. Well worth a visit if ships in bottles are your thing. :)

Founders Park opening hours: 

10 am - 5 pm every day except Christmas day and Good Friday.

Nelson nz Jewellery Studio | Founders Park | Redmanuka, Rinopai studio at Founders park Nelson with nz jewellery designer Martyn Milligan Rinopai