Rinopai Parapara Open Easter Weekend

Rinopai Parapara Open Easter Weekend

Rinopai Parapara Valley road golden bay contemporary jewellery and paintings

We are open this Easter Weekend. If you are lucky enough to be in Golden Bay this weekend and are cruising the galleries that Golden Bay has to offer then come on by. We have survived the rain storm ok . Three hours on the shovel has the ford looking great and our driveway up the hill is in fine condition. The valley road is a little rough so travel slowly. 

Rinopai Parapara Golden Bay contemporary jewellery and paintings, ford on driveway

Considering the amount of water that was flooding through here just a couple of days ago, our ford has stood up to the rain. It is a fine art to keep the ford stable and thankfully ours is doing fine. 

Stop in and see our neighbors at Anathoth Pottery. Well worth a visit. 

See you this weekend , open 10am till 5pm 

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