Dynamic Web Marketeer Required

Dynamic Web Marketeer Required


Dynamic Web Marketeer Required

My brain is just starting to go into marketing overload. I am watching videos of presentations on all aspects of how to make my site achieve this goal or that goal. It all makes sense but…..

It is no easy feat getting this web shop to surf the wild web to financial freedom.

All this marketing lingo is the opposite of being a jewellery designer. I want to dream of new sculptures of new ideas that excite my feeling of making new things. Guess there is a relationship of sorts in that both require creative solutions.

From the start getting my site to work relies on the presumption that I have visitors on my site.

www. redmanuka.co.nz

And this it seems is where the issue lies. How do I move my site into the downtown internet super highway?

How do I appeal and sell more to all my great customers? Entice new visitors to spend their hard earned cash. One thing for sure as I ramble my way through all this stuff…I am too busy trying to work out how to get others to spend theirs. Maybe that is the issue. I should pay someone else to do this for me. I did try this and paid quite a sum for a job done so poorly that not one sale resulted. The good thing is that such a poor result meant the marketing agency have stopped calling me to try and sell me more impossible deals. How could the overpaid folks at whatever they were called be so terrible at their profession, that even I, a jewellery artist, can do better web marketing. So I seem to have pulled the short straw to get on with the job.

I can do it, I know I can. It builds new brain cells, learning all these million and one ways to entice the hard earned cash from visitors plastic cards.

Okay step one.

Evaluate what I have to offer. Value proposition.

I seem to have a good base of jewellery designs. Manufactured to a high quality, our price is good. Pictures are good. Website looks crisp and ready for action… yes it is ready to go.

Step two.


Another day and maybe a dozen visitors on the site. Sure is quiet for all the work. Maybe I need to wear a sandwich board, or better still get Google to hold it for me. Yes, costs some dollars. I will try it.  Google, Facebook, they spend my money, send some visitors to my site. Funny how they always manage to find enough web surfers to visit to gain the daily budget. I pay discreetly to a foreign bank in Ireland. No foreign currency trading fees I notice. How offshore is this bank?

A few more visits, a Sale.

It works!!

There is definitely an increase in business since i started on the web. I spend quite a bit of time at it and it is starting to produce some small gain. Still I wonder how much gain I would make if my efforts are spent working on new design, new ideas.

It is a funny thing how really artists have to be a bit crazy. A bit blindfolded. Maybe it is a requirement, to block out the world, to survive on little, ignore the bank balance, and just be in the moment of creative impulse. What the heck, so what if it all falls over.

Calm down, maybe the next piece of work will be the winner.

If only it was so easy. It seems I need to find the balance.

Dynamic jewellery artist, website designer, photographic maestro, photoshop machine, social media evangelist, analytics wizard, adwords aficionado.

Well there is still the garden to dig and dinner to cook. The dogs need a walk, I need a walk and of course still this blog to write. m:)

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