Rainy Day at Parapara

Rainy Day at Parapara

What is it that unites me to the world around me?

If I close my eyes and just quieten down and feel some emptiness , what is it that comes to mind?

Small flowers, song of a bellbird, the whistle of the wind, call of the weka.

It is raining today, with the patter of rain on the tin roof , it is a time for the land to drink its full. If it rains for too long, it will become drunk on the deluge and start to disgorge itself, the unpredictable chaos that is the Taniwha, ‘Kia Waka Ruaki’ will come to life and thrash its tail. I am respectful of its power over me. On a number of occasions I have had lucky escapes from its clutches.

Back into the stillness, a little quieter and simpler. I notice the cherry blossom , my thoughts drift to the pururi flowers scattered on the branches. Drops of rain spilling from the pink and yellow petals.

I wonder why is it that I only make flowers? I gave in many years ago, and as much as I try and break out, it still holds me. It comes so easy to mind and I sit comfortable with it in my hand.

I wish I could think of a bigger picture, get to grips with some emotional turmoil, political activism, some real world issue. Break some philosophical ground with new design. These are all parts of my makeup and feature strongly in my thoughts, drive my feelings.

Still in this quieter moment, it is the flowers of the bush, the chirping of the excited cicada’s in summer, the buzz of the industrious honey bees, the slow walk of the new stick insects, the tuneful squawk of the small bellbird that drift on by.

Probably I have lived too long in the wilds, on the edge of this forest. Tane keeps trying to reclaim me and draw me back into the wild realm. But I cannot survive in its realness. The forest will win when I have little strength left to resist.

My small house on the edge of the forest will harbour me till then, and I will sit and think of drops of rain spilling from the pink and yellow pururi flowers on this rainy day at Parapara.   

16th September 2016

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