Namibia 2016

  • Sundowner


    My last weekend in Windhoek was a treat. It in so many ways summed up my trip and by the time I made it to the airport, I was ready to go.  My drive back in to the city was...

  • Tsumeb to Omaruru

    Tsumeb to Omaruru

    My homeward journey began once I left Etosha. In my pickup, slowly making my way south, endless long straight roads through the African Savannah. Local music on the radio , setting sun turning the sky orange. Straight roads. It is pleasant...

  • The Springbok

    The Springbok

    My departure from Etosha yesterday was soul wrenching. I had really settled into the routine camp life, the daily excursions out into the Savannah on the edges of the salt pan. Spotting animals for close encounters. The nightly sundowner at...

  • Waiting for The Leopard

    Waiting for The Leopard

        I am waiting to see a Leopard. They are definitely here, in numbers, but I am yet to see one. They are elusive, but they do come to the waterhole. Its just a waiting game. They don't drink...

  • Halali, Etosha Day 3

    Halali, Etosha Day 3

      Well it's all gone quiet again this evening at the waterhole. It must be a nightly occurrence. We were just treated again to the dance of the Four Black Rhino. Mother and child teaming up against all comers. Four...

  • Waterhole at Etosha.

    Waterhole at Etosha.

      The waterhole has gone quiet. In fact nothing is happening. Except of course for the ever present hyena lurking in for a quick sip.It was all action before. Rhino jousting, it is all about posture and seniority I guess....